Cycling Devices

  • Draagbare kragfietsafrigter

    Draagbare kragfietsafrigter

    Draadlose, slimkragfietsafrigter met direkte ry This is a wireless portable direct-drive smart power bike trainer, it can connect with the phone or bike computer by Bluetooth or ANT to view the…
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  • Dubbelmodus spoedkadenssensor

    Dubbelmodus spoedkadenssensor

    Dual Mode draadlose fietssnelheidsensens This is a cycling speed and cadence sensor with Bluetooth and ANT wireless communication function, it can detect cycling speed and cadence data, and work with…
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  • Bicycle Power Meter

    Bicycle Power Meter

    Bicycle Pedal Crank Electric Sensor Bluetooth Power Meter

    This is a bicycle power sensor with ANT and BLE wireless communication. It is light in weight and small in size, it measures power and cadence data from the crank of the bicycle.
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  • Smart Bike Trainer

    Smart Bike Trainer

    Bluetooth Indoor Cycling Training Smart Bike Trainer

    This is a smart bike trainer, with reliable and accurate power measurement( /-2%), portable structure, ANT and BLE transmission.
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  • Bluetooth ANT binnenshuise fietsafrigter

    Bluetooth ANT binnenshuise fietsafrigter

    Fiksheid Bluetooth ANT binnenshuise fietsafrigter

    Dit is ”n slim fietsafrigter vir fietsoefeninge, dit kan met sommige fiksheidstoestelle soos hartslagmeter en kadanssensor verbind word.
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  • Grootskerm liggewig fietsryrekenaar

    Grootskerm liggewig fietsryrekenaar

    Grootskerm Bluetooth-fietsoefening GPS-fietsrekenaar

    Dit is ”n GPS-draadlose fietsrekenaar, met ”n groot skerm en groot teksgrootte, maklik om te lees, selfs in die sonlig
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  • Cycling Exercise Bike Computer

    Cycling Exercise Bike Computer

    Electric Cycling Bluetooth GPS Navigation Bike Computer

    This is a GPS bike computer connects with heart rate, speed, cadence, speed-cadence 2 in 1 devices, it shows real time data and also memorize it, synchronize history with your phone via Bluetooth.
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  • Bluetooth GPS-fietsrekenaar

    Bluetooth GPS-fietsrekenaar

    Bluetooth Waterdigte slimfiets GPS-fietsrekenaar

    This bike computer with the GPS Wireless function, it can work with BLE and ANT accessories, so it can display exercise data like heart rate, cadence/speed, cycling power. The device has the big screen, so it’s easy to read.
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  • Bicycle Computer

    Bicycle Computer

    Water Resistant Cycling GPS Bicycle Computer

    This GPS bike computer can be connected by heart rate monitor, cadence sensor and power meter, it can show the real time data, like heart rate, speed/cadence, power, distance and altitude and etc… and synchronize history with the phone App XOSS by Bluetooth.
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  • Wireless Cycling Speed Cadence Sensor

    Wireless Cycling Speed Cadence Sensor

    Smart Cycling Sports Wireless Magnetic Bike Speed Cadence Sensor

    This is a cycling speed and cadence sensor, integrated with Bluetooth and ANT wireless function, it can detect cycling speed and cadence data, and work with smart phone to check all the cycling data, like speed, cadence and distance.
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