Actual difference in stopwatch 2
Aug 15, 2020

“This is allowed, and the error is within the specified value.” Yu Xingyan, a senior engineer at the Transportation Institute of the Provincial Academy of Metrology, introduced that there is a formula in the national standard: 0≤display speed-actual speed≤actual vehicle speed/10 4. In layman”s terms, there are two meanings: first, the displayed speed must be greater than the actual speed; second, the allowable error is “actual speed/10 4”.

According to this formula, when the actual speed is 72.9 yards, the range of 72.9~84.19 yards displayed on the dashboard meets the requirements.

Yu Xingyan further explained that the speedometer, like the car code table, also has strict error regulations: when the speed is less than 100 yards, the allowable error of the speedometer is “-6~0 yards”; when the speed is ≥100 yards, the allowable error is “- 6%~0%”, it can only be used if it meets the regulations. Therefore, Ms. Yi saw that the speed on the dashboard and the speed measured by the speedometer were lower than her actual speed. She drove to 97 yards and was convicted of 20% speeding without any doubt.

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