Fitcare Live Show on Alibaba
Jan 05, 2021

In 2020, because of the Covid-19, most of the Exhibition were cancelled, in this situation, Fitcare held two live show on Alibaba, one is on 23th Dec, and the other one is on 30th Dec, at the bottom are the links to these two live show, you can watch the replay here:)

On the first part, we made an introduction about the company, and the second part is for our products, which is also the leading role for this live show.

The first product is our chestband and armband heart rate monitor, we introduced four models, the HRM803, HRM828, HW807 and HW706V, such as some of their information and how they works with the App(Moofit).

The second products is our bike computer and speed & cadence sensor, About how to set up the devices with the bicycle, and how they works with the App XOSS.

The third product is our bike trainer, it’s a direct-drive power bike trainer, we showed how to install it and connect it with the bicycle and how it works with the Zwift App.

The fourth product is our boxing sensor, we connected it with the App Fightbackpro. We did some kinds of punches, like straight punch, swing… And the app can receive the data from your exercise, like the speed, numbers, types of punches…

For more details, welcome to watch the replay:)

First live show on 23th Dec:

Second live show on 30th Dec:

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