Mei 20, 2020

Computers are electronic products that are installed on bicycles, motorcycles and automobiles to record and display a number of riding data, such as current speed, riding mileage, and riding time. High-end stopwatches also contain altitude, air pressure, and slope. Display etc.

A stopwatch is an electronic product used to calculate information such as mileage and speed. It is generally used to measure the speed of a bicycle. It is composed of an induction magnet installed on the steel bar of the front rim, a sensor on the front fork, along the connecting line, a stop on the grip and a stop on the seat. . The working principle of the stopwatch is: when the rim rotates, the sensor captures the information brought by the induction magnet, and transmits it to the stopwatch through the sensing line, and the stopwatch calculates the speed, mileage and other information after processing this. It also refers to some watches with timing functions.

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