• Draagbare kragfietsafrigter

    Draagbare kragfietsafrigter

    Draadlose, slimkragfietsafrigter met direkte ry This is a wireless portable direct-drive smart power bike trainer, it can connect with the phone or bike computer by Bluetooth or ANT to view the…
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  • Dubbelmodus spoedkadenssensor

    Dubbelmodus spoedkadenssensor

    Dual Mode draadlose fietssnelheidsensens This is a cycling speed and cadence sensor with Bluetooth and ANT wireless communication function, it can detect cycling speed and cadence data, and work with…
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  • ANT USB Receiver

    ANT USB Receiver

    Wireless Cycling ANT USB Stick Data Receiver Dongle

    There are three models USB Dongle, which can connect your ANT devices, such as heart rate monitor, speed and cadence sensor…
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  • Smart ANT USB Dongle

    Smart ANT USB Dongle

    Fitness Smart Wireless Bicycle Stick USB Dongle.

    This is an ANT data receiver, it can transmit the data to the smart devices by USB port, the application for it is sports, fitness and healthcare.
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  • ANT Stick Data Receiver

    ANT Stick Data Receiver

    Smart ANT USB Stick Fitness Data Receiver

    This is an USB ANT stick data collector, receive ANT wireless radio and convert it into USB protocol for computer software.
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  • Troeteldier-aktiwiteit vir troeteldiere

    Troeteldier-aktiwiteit vir troeteldiere

    Draadlose slim troeteldieraktiwiteit-draagbare fiksheidsopsporing

    Hierdie Bluetooth-stappenteller kan u troeteldier se gesondheid monitor. Dra dit oral en hou elke minute rekord om ”n meer aktiewe lewe te lei.
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  • Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Pedometer

    Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Pedometer

    Smart Running Fitness Activity Tracking Bluetooth Pedometer

    This Bluetooth pedometer can track your daily activities, steps, calories, which is simple and easy to insist on
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  • Gym Fitness Polsband Hartslagmeter

    Gym Fitness Polsband Hartslagmeter

    Touchscreen draadlose fiksheid polsband hartslagmeter

    Die monitor gebruik gevorderde optiese sensor en akkurate algoritme om vinnige en akkurate hartslagvertoning te bied.
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  • Smart Fitness Polsbandopspoorder

    Smart Fitness Polsbandopspoorder

    Smart Fitness Bluetooth Polsband Hartslagmeter

    Dit is ”n gevorderde optiese polsband hartklopmeter, sonder borsband, baie handig om te dra, dit kan hoofsaaklik u hartslag, trappies, kalorieë en slaapsituasie opspoor.
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  • WiFi Smart Body Fat Scale

    WiFi Smart Body Fat Scale

    WIFI Weighing ITO Glass Smart Body Fat Scale

    Fitcare WIFI body fat scale, measure 8 items of your body data, the large rounded corners design is fashion and safe.
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