• Fitness  Group  Training  System

    Fitness Group Training System

    Gimnasioa Fitness Kirola Bihotz Taupadako Taldeko Entrenamendu Sistema TeamFitPlus gure taldeko fitness datuak biltzeko kudeaketa sistema da. Ariketa datuak gailu eramangarri adimendunetan biltzen dira eta datuak telebista adimendunaren edo telebistaren…
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  • Smart  Bluetooth  Jump  Rope

    Smart Bluetooth Jump Rope

    Skipping Fitness Training Smart Bluetooth Jump Rope This smart jump rope can connect with App by Bluetooth, and view the training data on the app, it integrated with precision magnetic-control…
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  • Fitness  Smart  Jump  Rope

    Fitness Smart Jump Rope

    Gym Fitness Adjustable Indoor & Outdoor Skipping Jump Rope

    This is a smart Bluetooth jump rope, the high precision magnetic-control sensor and precise structure design make every jump count accurate.
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  • Fitness  Workout  Boxing  Tracker

    Fitness Workout Boxing Tracker

    Smart Wearable Boxing Fitness Workout Punching tracker

    This boxing sensor is a device tracking your hand’s movements while boxing, with ANT and Bluetooth wireless transmission function
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  • Bluetooth  Wearable  Boxing  Sensor

    Bluetooth Wearable Boxing Sensor

    Bluetooth Wearable Boxing Fitness Workout Smart Punch Sensor

    This is a sport tracker specifically designed for boxing, the device uses a non-inductive mechanical push button switch that never misses your every effort.
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  • Bicycle  Power  Meter

    Bicycle Power Meter

    Bicycle Pedal Crank Electric Sensor Bluetooth Power Meter

    This is a bicycle power sensor with ANT and BLE wireless communication. It is light in weight and small in size, it measures power and cadence data from the crank of the bicycle.
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  • Smart  Bike  Trainer

    Smart Bike Trainer

    Bluetooth Indoor Cycling Training Smart Bike Trainer

    This is a smart bike trainer, with reliable and accurate power measurement( /-2%), portable structure, ANT and BLE transmission.
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  • Bluetooth  ANT  Indoor  Bicycle  Trainer

    Bluetooth ANT Indoor Bicycle Trainer

    Fitness Bluetooth ANT Indoor Bicycle Trainer

    This is a smart bike trainer for cycling training, it can connect with some fitness devices such as heart rate monitor and cadence sensor.
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  • Big  Screen  Light  weight  Cycling  Computer

    Big Screen Light weight Cycling Computer

    Large Screen Bluetooth Cycling Exercise GPS Bike Computer

    This is a GPS wireless bicycle computer, it equipped with big display and big text size, easy read even in the sunlight
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  • Cycling  Exercise  Bike  Computer

    Cycling Exercise Bike Computer

    Electric Cycling Bluetooth GPS Navigation Bike Computer

    This is a GPS bike computer connects with heart rate, speed, cadence, speed-cadence 2 in 1 devices, it shows real time data and also memorize it, synchronize history with your phone via Bluetooth.
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