Anti-interference in heart rate signal transmission
May 05, 2020

Like all radio wave transmission signals, the interference of heart rate signal transmission comes from other radio waves of the same frequency. For low frequency transmission, the most common source of interference for 5.3KHZ is assembled computers or low-priced brand computers.


These computers often have poor electromagnetic shielding due to cost considerations. The interference propagation distance of this frequency is relatively short, and it is also very simple to solve this type of interference, that is, stay away from more than 2 meters, or use it directly outdoors.


For the high-frequency 2.4GHZ heart rate belt, our common WIFI, Bluetooth, cordless phones, remote controls, microwave ovens, etc. belong to this frequency range. The interference source of this frequency has a long distance. If it is interfered, the best way is to encrypt it or use it in another place.

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