Famous brand of stopwatch
Sep 05, 2020

1. Sigma:

The most well-known and most widely used stopwatch brand in mainland China, with subtle appearance, fine workmanship, high, middle and low grade products, the most famous is the BC series. There are several products from BC400 to BC1600, with more functions depending on the product code. The common BC series products on the market are 500/600/800/1200/1600/. The brand also has a stopwatch for high-intensity off-road, its function is equivalent to BC800, but the price is similar to BC1200. Italy VETTA: The VETTA code table entered the mainland market later than sigma, and its popularity needs to be improved. The RT series and V series products are common on the market. The former is targeted at amateurs, including 33/55/77/88 models. , V series is targeted at sports players, with powerful functions and high prices, so no further description will be given.


2. Cat eye:

Maoyan is a bicycle equipment brand originating from Japan, and it is famous for its stopwatches and lights. Sorry, I only know a little bit about the code table of the brand. Giant 6s store has this brand of stopwatches for sale, and interested friends can go there to check it out, but it should be reminded that the price of this brand of stopwatches in this store is far less attractive to us students than sigma.

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