Famous brand of stopwatch 2
Sep 15, 2020

1. Shimano

The stopwatch launched by the world’s No. 1 brand of bicycle parts, Shimano, is extraordinary. According to the experience of the second version of zx and the comparison with the aforementioned brands, Shimano’s stopwatch follows a completely different design concept. The deck can realize the integration of the electronic code table and the bicycle mechanical parts, and the way that the code table can be operated without leaving the handlebar is also very different from the way that other code tables have to free up their hands to press the buttons. However, the price of such an innovative brand stopwatch is naturally not low, so this article will not describe it further.



Boao waterproof stopwatch, 14 functions Hong Kong brand

1. The casing is ultrasonically welded, press the button, and the battery cover is equipped with a special waterproof rubber pad, which can be placed in the water for 24 hours without any problem, and has good waterproofness.

2. The first product that uses the buttons of the mobile phone on the stopwatch, it feels more comfortable when debugging the stopwatch.

3. A variety of colors to choose from, unique appearance design, bold color matching, Boao code table and similar products show more advantages.

4. The price is relatively affordable, and it is a very favorable product among products with the same function

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