Function of heart rate monitor
May 20, 2022

Heart rate monitor is a fitness sensor that many sports enthusiasts pay attention to, but many people don’t know its working principle and function. Let’s learn together today!

Principle: The measurement principle of the heart rate monitor is to use the ECG signal, and the heart rate belt has two sensing electrodes. When the heart beats, it will generate a small amount of current, the electrodes will induce these currents, and the heart rate will be measured by the cardiac current generated by the human heartbeat. The electrocardiograph in the hospital adopts this principle, and its accuracy can be imagined.


The heart rate collection process of the heart rate belt is as follows:

      1.Heart rate signal acquisition

The principle of the chest heart rate belt is to measure the periodic changes in the heart current or potential in the skin through electrodes on both sides of the heart rate belt. And this current is very small, it is easy to be disturbed.

     2.Heart rate signal transmission

The heart rate signal of the heart rate belt should be transmitted to the display terminal, such as display equipment such as heart rate monitor, treadmill, pedal machine, etc. Load a heart rate signal on radio waves for transmission.


Function: Recording the real-time heart rate accurately during exercise. It is recommended to use a heart rate monitor in high-intensity interval exercise and scenarios that require high accuracy of exercise data.

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