Happy Dragon Boat Festival!
Jun 02, 2022

In order to welcome the arrival of the “Dragon Boat Festival”, enhance the communication between employees within the company, and improve the employees’ sense of happiness and belonging,on the afternoon of May 28,Fitcare prepared some gifts of the Dragon Boat Festival and also send the best blessings of the festival for all employees in advance,which reflects our company’s strong humanistic care.



As Kazuo Inamori said,”Enterprises are not a tool for operators to achieve personal revenge,but a platform for the pursuit of material and spiritual happiness for all employees.”Fitcare also consistently adheres to the”customer first”and”people-oriented”enterprise culture and philosophy,so that customers and employees can choose us with confidence at any time.


Finally,we sincerely express our holiday wishes to all employees and all the people from all walks of life who pay attention to and support Fitcare:Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

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