Heart rate signal collection 2
Mar 30, 2020

The second interference is the displacement and friction between the heart rate belt electrode and the skin to generate noise signals. This interference is especially significant during exercise, and the performance is characterized by the fluctuations in the numbers displayed by the heart rate monitor.


For this reason, the traditional hard heart rate belt is often designed as a tire-like ripple at the conductive rubber to increase frictional resistance and reduce movement. In the anti-interference ability of the heart rate signal collection, the flexible fabric heart rate soft belt has a great advantage compared with the hard belt, because the flexible film electrode can perfectly fit the contour of the human chest, which greatly increases the contact area between the electrode and the skin. Secondly, like all smooth surfaces, the membrane electrode has a strong adsorption to the skin after being dipped in water, and can be closely attached to the skin, which greatly reduces the electrical signal interference caused by friction during exercise.

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