How Do You Think About Heart Rate Data
Mar 31, 2021

About heart rate, how much do you know?

Heart rate refers to the number of heartbeats per minute, the heart rate that we maintain when we exercise is the exercise heart rate, when we are doing sports such as running and cycling, the heart rate can most objectively and accurately reflect the physical condition.

We usually get detailed heart rate data by wearing a heart rate monitoring device, the device with more accurate measurement results is the heart rate belt, like the chest strap and armband heart rate monitor we have.


The two key data of the heart rate is the maximum heart rate and the resting heart rate.

Maximum heart rate(MHR)

The accurate maximum heart rate can ensure that the user gets the correct exercise heart rate zones. For most of the people, it can be estimated by the maximum heart rate formula, like 220-age and 207-(0.7*age).

For people who are in good health and have exercise foundation, you can wear a heart rate belt and run on the spot to get an accurate maximum heart rate value, you can choose an uphill section, warm up and run for 400-600 meters, then slowly run down, repeat three times, the maximum heart rate reached the last time plus 2 or 3 is the maximum heart rate. Or when running 6*800 meters, the last set can be completed with the best effort to reach the maximum heart rate.

The most scientific and accurate way to understand the maximum is to go to a hospital or professional institution to perform a “flat treadmill heart function load test”, which can accurately grasp the maximum heart rate and eliminate potential cardiovascular system risks.


Resting heart rate

The resting heart rate is the lowest heart rate that the body can achieve in a quiet state. A person’s maximum heart rate is relatively stable, but it decreases a little with age. The resting heart rate will decrease with good exercise habits, which is a sign that the heart becomes healthy and strong. A lower resting heart rate also means a more abundant heart rate reserve.

How to measure the resting heart rate? You can choose a heart rate belt to measure the heart rate when you wake up in the morning, or to touch the pulse with your hands and count with a meter, and record it for several days to get an average value.

Runners regularly monitor their resting heart rate to help prevent over training, for example, when you wake up one morning and find that your heart rate is 5 points higher than usual, it indicates that your body has not recovered from the previous training. So you should pay attention to do some low-intensity exercise that day or take a rest instead of running.


Wearing a heart rate belt can easily maintain the exercise intensity with a specific heart rate zone, which not only improves the quality of training and avoid over-exercise, but also can compares and analysis the heart rate information recorded at ordinary times to evaluate exercise results and health status.

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