How to choose a heart rate monitor and heart rate wristband?
May 27, 2022

Heart rate is a common concern of many sports enthusiasts, so what is the difference between the heart rate monitor and the heart rate bracelet, how to choose a suitable one for your fitness? let’s see!

      1.Heart rateaccuracy

Heart rate wristbands measure heart rate with photoelectricity, while heart rate chest straps measure heart rate with electrocardiogram (ECG) signals (the same principle as hospitals measure heart rate).


Also, there are many factors that affect the accuracy of photoelectric measurement of heart rate, such as the way the bracelet is worn, the degree of sweating and so on. So basically heart rate chest strap is more accurate than the heart rate wristband for measuring heart rate.


     2.Wearing comfort

In terms of wearing comfort, the heart rate chest strap is definitely not as good as the heart rate wristband. Since the weight of the wristband is lighter,  it will feel more comfortable to wear. But for heart rate chest strap, it has to be worn close to the chest, which will give people a sense of restraint.


Therefore, if you are just an amateur sports enthusiast and don’t need high requirements for the heart rate data when exercising, then a heart rate wristband is suitable for you. On the contrary, if you have higher requirements for the accuracy of your exercise data, then you are more recommended to buy a heart rate monitor.

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