How to Set up a Smart Bike Trainer with Zwift
Sep 01, 2022

How to set up a smart bike trainer with Zwift? We used Fitcare developed bike trainer for a test. Firstly we install the trainer according to the user manual, the installation of this device is very easy, just several steps, and then connect the trainer with the bicycle(snap the bicycle chain on the cassette). When you feel it’s stable, you can start your riding.


This indoor cycling exercise is very funny, when we are riding, we connect the bike trainer with Zwift or other 3rd party App. Then we can compete with other people in the App, we can see the power data and speed, so that we can adjust the riding speed to keep the best status. After finish the workout, the App will show the data of our riding, enjoy the riding with the Zwift App with Fitcare bike trainer.fitcare



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