“One Touch Optimize” your treadmill
Nov 18, 2022


As the weather begins to cool, many people will opt to skip an outdoor workout and just work out inoor instead. If cardio is a crucial part of your workout, your home gym will definitely need a treadmill to complete it. Whether you’re more of a casual walker or marathon runner, a treadmill will help you reach any cardio goal you set for yourself.

Fitcare developed high compatible optical treadmill sensor,it could upgrade the traditional treadmills. By the sensor for your treadmill to log your speed, cadence,distance, and more to get run and walk data to your mobile device APP.


  • Connect almost all treadmills for run-specific data
  • Broadcasts your speed, treadmill incline and run cadence in steps per minute to most mobile apps over Bluetooth and ANT+ at the same time
  • Connects quickly and hands-free by selecting Runn in the BLE list on your mobile device
  • Rechargeable battery with a USB cable for 100 miles or more or with Double A battery


The best treadmills have practical and enjoyable innovations. Such as preset treadmill workouts, streaming service integration and access to live treadmill workout programs that have the instant adjusting your decline and incline setting to match.The treadmill Sensor are increasing in popularity and showing up in more and more models. Install a sensor like this is perfect if you want to be more aware of your running stats.



Everyone has a unique fitness goal and set of needs, whether it’s a running surface that’s kinder to your knees, a way to easily adjust the incline setting parameters or a workout program with active coaching.

Form and function when analyzing the best treadmill workout you could get at home, considering factors like design, incline and decline, price, size (largely in terms of floorspace requirements) and range of speeds. Then you need find the exact transducer to fit your needs. If you have a need for speed or keep in shape, and you’re ready to take the next step in achieving your fitness goals then get a sensor.

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