Power meter product application
Nov 05, 2020

1. Optical power measurement
Used to measure absolute optical power or relative loss of optical power through a section of optical fiber. In fiber optic systems, measuring optical power is the most basic, much like a multimeter in electronics. In the optical fiber measurement, the optical power meter is a heavy load commonly used meter. By measuring the absolute power of the transmitter or optical network, an optical power meter can evaluate the performance of the optical device. Using an optical power meter in combination with a stable light source can measure connection loss, check continuity, and help evaluate the transmission quality of optical fiber links.


2. Electrical test
The frequency conversion power analyzer is suitable for product inspection, energy efficiency evaluation and power quality analysis in the fields of electric propulsion, motors, fans, water pumps, wind power generation, rail transit, electric vehicles, inverters, special transformers, fluorescent lamps, LED lighting and other fields.

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