The code table is generally composed of the following components
Jun 25, 2020

1. Induction magnet: installed on the spokes of the front wheel, and the position is corresponding to the sensor installed on the front fork. The meter head calculates the speed and other data by the time between the induction magnet passing the sensor twice in a row .


2. Cadence device (non-standard accessory): The mid-to-high-end computer has the function of calculating the cadence, that is, the frequency of the rider’s pedaling. Common cadence devices include wires, sensors and induction magnets. The wires are used to connect the watch base and the sensor installed at the rear triangle of the frame (the rear triangle here refers to the one parallel to the center axis). Tube), the induction magnet is often installed at the crank, the position corresponds to the sensor, and the working principle is the same as before.


3. Code meter lighting (non-standard accessories): installed on the meter base to illuminate the meter head at night.

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