The radio waves of the heart rate belt are divided into 3 categories according to frequency
Apr 30, 2020

The first category is 5.3KHZ low frequency. This is the international heart rate transmission frequency. Most heart rate monitors and some fitness equipment in the gym, such as treadmills with heart rate display, use this frequency to receive heart rate signals.


The second category is 2.4GHZ high frequency. The 2.4GHZ radio wave transmission often uses the manufacturer’s dedicated encryption and decryption technology to transmit heart rate signals. Its advantages can alleviate some interference during signal transmission.


The third category is Bluetooth and ANT. Bluetooth and ANT also belong to high-frequency transmission. The advantage is that there is an international standard Bluetooth protocol that can be followed, and the transmitter and the receiving display party can support each other as long as they follow the Bluetooth or ANT protocol. The more common Bluetooth heart rate belts are Bluetooth BLUETOOTH 2.0 commonly used by Android systems and Bluetooth BLUETOOTH 4.0 SMART used by Apple IOS.

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