Why Stretching is Important for Exercise?
Jul 08, 2022

With the improvement of China’s economic level and material conditions, the fitness is gradually developing towards normalization.But many sports novices, without the guidance of professional fitness coaches, always tend to ignore an important link before fitness—— stretch. More haste less speed. Not stretching enough before exercising is likely to strain muscles, ligaments, and wear out joints.


Then follow the editor to understand the role of strain!



      1.Stretching can relieve muscle tension and improve mental stress,whichavoids sports injuries to the greatest extent, and at the same time promotes the rapid excretion of lactic acid produced in the muscles during exercise, reduces its acid stimulation to the muscles, and relieves muscle soreness.


      2.Stretching can speed up recovery.It is beneficial to promote blood circulation in the body, reduce muscle stiffness, prevent muscle stiffness and blood pooling in muscles, and provide nutrients to target muscles.


      3.Stretching can increase the effect of fitness.Stretching makes muscles more elastic, absorbs more energy, and increases muscle contractility. Stretching the outer membrane of the muscle can make your muscle lines more beautiful.


      4.Stretching improves body coordination.Stretching can greatly improve flexibility and coordination, lengthen your muscles and tendons, and improve your body shape. The improved coordination of your limbs will make your fitness movements more standard, resulting in better fitness results.


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