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Fitcare to be the Preferred Fitness Electronic Supplier

In recent years, people have gradually pursued a healthy lifestyle. This trend not only promotes the rapid growth of gyms and sports facilities but also promotes the prosperity of related fitness products.

From wearable devices to high-end equipment, consumers have more fitness options. Enterprises are gradually discovering innovative fitness solutions to attract and maintain more customers. 

In this area, Fitcare stands out as an appropriate partner for sports software businesses, gyms, and equipment makers. We leverage the newest technology, including the latest wireless, measurement, and control technology, for better product performance and user engagement. 

Our product range covers everything from basic fitness equipment to advanced intelligent devices. Fitcare is an ideal fitness electronic supplier for gyms and fitness enterprises seeking to improve operational efficiency and enhance user satisfaction.  

Why Fitcare is the Preferred Fitness Electronic Supplier

Over the years, Fitcare has established a good reputation in the field of fitness products and has cooperated with many excellent partners. Here are the reasons:

1. High-quality ODM/OEM/JDM Services

Fitcare specializes in ODM, OEM, and JDM services. We are an excellent partner for companies with software development capabilities. They may need expert product ideas, design, and manufacturing. 

We help you from ideation to mass production, preserving intellectual property while integrating technology and design. 

This customizable solution offers unique and personalized products, meeting the growing demand for personalized fitness products on the market.

2. High-quality Standards and Certifications

We base our products on quality standards and certifications, such as ISO9001, CE, BSCI, GSV, and BQB. Fitcare produces quality fitness and healthcare electronics that fulfill strict quality standards for reliability and customer requirements. 

This not only enhances the reliability of the product but also obtains consumer trust, winning a good industry reputation for gyms and equipment manufacturers.

3. R&D Support

The R&D of Fitcare products is supported by various advanced technologies. Our wireless communication technologies include BTE, ANT+, LTE-M, and WiFi, and our measurement technologies include PPG, ECG, GPS, SPO2, HRV, etc.

Furthermore, for a better user experience, our product also applies various control technologies, such as FE-C, FTMS, and EMS Electrical Control. 

These technologies enable Fitcare’s over 50 experienced engineers to develop innovative fitness electronic products, such as heart rate monitors and group training systems, to meet the needs of modern fitness enthusiasts. 

4. Mature R&D Experience

Fitcare R&D product groups include industry design, mechanical design, electronic engineering, and firmware engineering teams. The cooperation between each department ensures the orderly production and manufacturing of products.

In addition, Fitcare has developed mature algorithms. Firstly, our fitness equipment could be controlled in reverse by FTMS and FE-C standard protocols. Secondly, users do not need to worry about losing fitness data after use, as the device analyzes and deeply recovers various motion tracks. 

Finally, integrating biosensor technology and algorithms to monitor human signals enables our fitness equipment to provide accurate measurement data.

Moreover, we offer strong support for AP development stable development tools, such as SDK and API.

5. One-stop Solution

We offer a full product development and implementation solution, including product definition, schematics and PCB design, algorithm development, firmware creation, and app/cloud development. We centralize all product development services under one roof to expedite the process for customers.

Furthermore, Fitcare understands the importance of intellectual property to customers. Therefore, we ensure a safe and confidential work environment to protect your innovation.

6. High-efficiency Production and On-time Delivery

Our on-time delivery and high-efficiency manufacturing are unparalleled. We have 5000-square-meter factory areas and over 200 skilled workers, ensuring more than 5,000,000 pieces of annual production capacity. 

It allows us to fulfill strict deadlines and quality standards for large orders. This operational efficiency is essential for customers who trust us to deliver on time and with quality.

7. Competitive Prices

Fitcare offers competitive prices without sacrificing quality or performance. This means that customers can obtain high-quality products at a reasonable cost. 

In price-sensitive markets, this has won Fitcare a large number of customers seeking cost-effectiveness. From startups to industry heavyweights, our pricing approach meets their demands.

Fitcare’s Product Series

Fitcare’s product series is designed specifically to enhance the fitness experience, including heart rate monitors, cycling devices, and intelligent fitness products. 

These products, with innovative features and technological advantages, have become the preferred fitness products for software companies in sports, gyms, and equipment manufacturers.

1. Heart Rate Monitor

Being among the top heart rate monitor manufacturers, Fitcare provides heart rate monitoring systems for various exercises. 

For instance, our line includes the HW851 Armband Heart Rate Monitor for exercises and swimming for accurate readings. The Valencell chip is equipped with two green and one yellow optical sensor arrays, providing accurate heart rate data in each round of training. 

The HW807 device, which measures heart rate from the arm or temple, supports HRV monitors and multi-color LED indicators for real-time zone tracking during exercises.

2. Cycling Devices

Our cycling equipment improves riding with accuracy and connection. For example, dual satellite positioning systems and a high-sensitivity GPS chip provide route and speed tracking in the BC108 Professional Training GPS Bike Computer. It supports various equipment, such as ANT+ heart rate monitors, speed sensors, cadence sensors, power meters, and more.  

Furthermore, our power meters, like the PW217B Crank Power Meter, seamlessly capture and deliver real-time riding power and cadence data. It supplements training data for cyclists seeking performance optimization.  

3. Smart Fitness

Smart fitness devices employ cutting-edge technology to cope with dynamic training demands. For instance, Bluetooth-enabled smart gadgets, including the Smart Jump Rope and Boxing Sensors, provide performance analytics and greater engagement. 

Essentially, the devices collect basic fitness statistics and give intelligent feedback via applications and storage for gyms and personal training. It makes exercises more engaging and data-driven while helping users reach their fitness objectives faster using current technologies.


Fitcare offers Bluetooth heart rate monitor wristbands and other innovative fitness monitoring products. These gadgets deliver real-time, precise heart rate data for exercise optimization. 

We also supply cycling equipment, GPS cycle computers, and smart fitness technology like our Bluetooth jump rope. R&D is our strength, with over 50 engineers developing hardware, software, and algorithms. 

Fitcare prioritizes quality and efficiency from product development to mass manufacturing. We provide complete ODM, OEM, and JDM services with high-quality manufacturing and on-time delivery. 

We deliver end-to-end services from product design to market preparation while stressing intellectual property protection for industry leaders and startups. Contact us for further information!


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