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R&D Capability

Fitcare’s R&D team including industry design, mechanism, electronics, firmware, iOS, Android, and cloud, totals more than 50+ engineers, which we could support from hardware, software to algorithms development service.

Industry Design

Electronics Development
Firmware Development
App and Cloud Development
Industry Design 

Global perspective of the fitness industry, probe into every product’s soul based on the market research, to help you realize each idea.

Mechanism Design
Each of the new products could be provided with 3d mechanism drawing, mock up and prototype sampling, to keep sure the reliability of the end products.
Electronics Design
As a fitness electronic manufacturer, the specialized electronics team will Inject the electronic soul into every product, and keep the device secure with long lifespan

Algorithm Support

Fitcare built the motion laboratory since the year of 2020,
and has applied the self-developed algorithm to the mass production

Fitness Equipment Control
High-precision control and measurement for fitness equipment. The fitness equipment could be controlled in reverse by FTMS and FE-C standard protocols.
Motion Track Restoration
Motion signals, including running, cycling,swimming, boxing, etc, can be scientific analysis and deep restoration.
Biophysical Research
Using biosensor technologies and algorithms to monitor human signals,and provide accurate measurement data.

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