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RC910S Group Fitness Data Receiver

This device RC910S is used to collect a wide range of wearable and fitness sensors ′ data, it uses ANT+ and Bluetooth technology, and support to work with multiple devices at the same time. A wide range of sensors is supported like heart rate monitor, cycling sensor, jump rope, pedometer, punch sensor etc

RC910S Group Fitness Data Receiver

With the increasing popularity of group training fitness, this product was born. This is a dongle that collects ANT+ data and Bluetooth data. It supports workingwith multiple devices at the same time, like heart rate monitor. It can set up the ANT+ devices which comply with FE-C protocol


Wide Range of Devices Supported

This device is supported with a wide range of exercises such as cycling, boxing, running… and devices, like heart rate monitor, jump rope, cycling sensor, smart trainer, power meter, punch sensor, fitness equipment…


Working Flow

Through Bluetooth or ANT+, more than 40 devices’ data can be received, the wireless range can reach up to 35 meters, it can collect the group training data and transmit the data to the smart devices by USB port.


Standard ANT+ FE-C Protocol
Remotely control the fitness equipment which compatible with FE-C


Model NO: RC910S  
Features: ANT+ or BLE 
Typical Application: Work with Android box
Wireless Transmission(in): ANT+、BLE
Distance: ANT+ 30m / BLE 35m
Working Temperature: -10-50°
Product Size: 172.5*20*12.5mm
FE-C: Standard FE-C protocol
Development Support: SDK for Android


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