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Smart Rowing Machine ems Upgrading Electro-magnetic system

Fitcare can provide one-stop smart upgrading for existing traditional rowing machine, complete the interconnection between bike hardware and intelligent software, to realize the training mode control in the system. Virtual rowing with training data feedback, give users an immersive experience.



Fitcare can help upgrade the existed traditional rowing machine from electronics parts to firmware, and one-stop service to pair the related accessories, helping your brand upgrading

One-stop Service

Fitcare’s professional team could complete the full range of accessories docking work for the traditional rowing machine. After large numbers of tests, we can ensure the acquisition of accurate training data provided and comfortable rowing experience support.

New intelligent function:

1. Realize online virtual training: 

Standard communication protocol format, intelligent built-in  BLE module, Which can let rowing machine connect with virtual rowing Apps to use, and compatible with Windows system for training. 

2. Smart resistance adjustment, Realistic Paddling

Intelligent algorithm can adjust the resistance in every movement, to let user’s training as the real stroke scene. Force cruve graph could indicate the size and time of the peak for each action, convenient for user target training .

 3.  Professional Data Feedback

User can regulate the rowing resistance through the software, to experience the real water conditions. Sensor could have real-time detection feedback including pace, stroke rate, stroke count, instantaneous speed and power

4. Working with Smart wearable

Through the BLE / ANT+ transmission, the rowing machine can collect the heart rate data by the user’s wearable sensor, to provide real-time feedback and help user to achieve the best exercise effect.

SDK support, docking software system

The upgraded rowing machine can provide SDK files to assist in accessing various existing software platform systems to help your brand improve.


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