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Fitcare’s HW401: Revolutionizing Fitness Monitoring with Smart Armband Sensor

Discover the advanced capabilities and innovative features of Fitcare‘s HW401 Armband Heart Rate Monitor, a smart fitness sensor designed to elevate your exercise experience.

HW401 Armband Heart Rate Monitor: An Overview

Explore the versatility and cutting-edge technology embedded in Fitcare’s HW401 Armband Heart Rate Monitor, a low power Bluetooth & ANT+ sensor that seamlessly integrates with various fitness devices, including gym equipment, smartwatches, and popular fitness apps.


Versatility at Its Core: Fitcare’s HW401 is more than just a heart rate monitor. As a smart fitness sensor, it works seamlessly with a range of fitness devices, providing users with a comprehensive and adaptable solution for their exercise routines.


Cross-Device Compatibility: With Bluetooth 5.0 and ANT+ compatibility, the HW401 ensures a smooth connection with a variety of third-party mainstream apps. This feature allows users to track their heart rate data across multiple platforms, enhancing the overall fitness monitoring experience.


Reliability and Accuracy: Powered by high-quality PPG technology, Fitcare has developed and validated a novel machine learning model for the HW401. This model, based on extensive participant data and various sports types, ensures accurate and reliable heart rate readings during exercises.


Comfortable and Durable Design

Understand the thoughtful design considerations that make Fitcare’s HW401 stand out as a comfortable and durable smart fitness sensor.


Soft Textile Construction: The HW401 is crafted from soft and stretchable textile material, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit on the arm. The material is gentle on the skin, making it suitable for prolonged wear during various physical activities.


Adjustable Strap Buckle: The buckle design allows users to customize the length of the strap, accommodating various arm circumferences. This adjustable feature ensures that the armband remains snug and secure during workouts, providing a hassle-free fitness monitoring experience.


Machine-Washable and Durable: Fitcare prioritizes user convenience with a machine-washable design, making the HW401 suitable for everyday use. The durability of the armband ensures its longevity, making it a reliable companion for your fitness journey.


Technical Specifications for Enhanced Performance

Delve into the technical specifications that make Fitcare’s HW401 a standout smart fitness sensor, offering unparalleled performance and user-centric features.


Long Battery Life: The HW401 boasts a rechargeable lithium battery with a remarkable 40 hours of continuous use. This extended battery life ensures that the smart fitness sensor can keep up with your active lifestyle without frequent recharging.


Compact and Lightweight Design: Weighing in at only 7.7g, the HW401 is a lightweight fitness companion that won’t hinder your movements. Its compact dimensions make it discreet, allowing you to focus on your workout without distraction.


Water-Resistant and Temperature Tolerant: With an IP67 water resistance level and an operational temperature range of 0~40℃, the HW401 is designed to withstand various environmental conditions. This resilience ensures that the smart fitness sensor remains effective during activities such as swimming and diverse weather conditions.




In conclusion, Fitcare’s HW401 Armband Heart Rate Monitor is not just a smart fitness sensor; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to enhance your fitness monitoring experience. From cross-device compatibility to comfort and durability, the HW401 sets a new standard in the world of fitness technology. Elevate your exercise routines with Fitcare – where innovation meets reliability.


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