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HRV Data for Health: The Fitcare Armband Heart Rate Monitor HW807

As a company dedicated to promoting health and fitness, we are thrilled to introduce the Fitcare armband heart rate monitor HW807. This innovative device not only provides accurate heart rate measurements but also offers advanced features to enhance your exercise experience. With its ability to acquire heart rate variability (HRV) data by detecting the interval of the R-R wave of the heart rate parameter, Fitcare takes your fitness tracking to a whole new level.

Vibration Reminder for Optimal Training

With the Fitcare armband heart rate monitor HW807, users have the flexibility to adjust their heart rate zone to suit their individual needs. By setting the sensor’s Max HR, you can define the desired intensity level for your workouts. In case your exercise state becomes too intense, the wristband heart rate monitor will remind you through vibrations. This feature ensures that you are always aware of your exercise intensity and helps prevent pushing beyond your limits.


Built-in Data Storage for Convenient Tracking

The Fitcare armband heart rate monitor HW807 is designed with convenience in mind. It is integrated with a robust storage chip that allows users to enjoy their exercise sessions without the need for smartphones or other smart devices. This built-in data storage feature ensures that all your heart rate and HRV data is captured and stored securely, making it easy to review and analyze your progress whenever it suits you.


Customized Straps for Versatile Use

We understand the importance of comfort and personalization in fitness accessories. That’s why Fitcare offers optional strap designs for the HW807 armband heart rate monitor. With our customized service, you can choose from different materials for the straps, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum comfort during your training sessions. Whether you’re into intense workouts or prefer low-intensity activities, we provide straps that meet your specific training scenarios.



The Fitcare armband heart rate monitor HW807 is a game-changer in fitness tracking. With its ability to acquire HRV data by detecting the interval of the R-R wave, it offers a comprehensive analysis of your heart’s variability for a deeper understanding of your health. The vibration reminder feature ensures that you maintain optimal training intensity, protecting you from overexertion. The built-in data storage capability allows you to track and review your progress conveniently without relying on additional devices. Additionally, we offer customized straps to ensure a comfortable and personalized fit for every user. With Bluetooth 5.0 and ANT+ compatibility, this armband heart rate monitor is compatible with a variety of third-party mainstream apps, providing flexibility in your fitness tracking journey. Embrace the power of HRV data for improved health and fitness with the Fitcare armband heart rate monitor HW807.


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