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Fitcare HW807: The Ultimate Armband Heart Rate Monitor for Precise Fitness Tracking

At our company, we understand the importance of accurate heart rate monitoring during workouts. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce the Fitcare HW807, a sought-after armband heart rate monitor designed to provide precise heart rate measurements from your arm or temple. This versatile device serves as both a heart rate monitor for Zwift and a wristband heart rate monitor, making it perfect for exercise data tracking on popular fitness apps.

Superior Technology for Remarkable Accuracy

Fitcare HW807, a high-quality optical device, utilizes PPG photoelectric heart rate detection technology, integrating powerful chips and advanced algorithms. This cutting-edge technology ensures unparalleled accuracy in training data, allowing you to rely on precise heart rate measurements for effective fitness tracking. Whether you’re an athlete striving for peak performance or a fitness enthusiast aiming for personal goals, the Fitcare armband heart rate monitor delivers outstanding results.


Convenient Real-Time Heart Rate Zone Indication

The Fitcare HW807 is equipped with a multi-colour LED that provides real-time heart rate zone indications. Featuring five colours that visually represent different heart rate zones, users can easily observe changes in their heart rate by monitoring the LED light colour. This convenience allows you to stay within your desired heart rate zone, optimizing your workouts and ensuring efficient training sessions.


Safety Features for Peace of Mind

Understanding the significance of safety during physical activities, the Fitcare armband heart rate monitor HW807 includes essential safety features. When your heart rate surpasses the maximum threshold (MHR), this wristband heart rate monitor initiates a vibration alert consisting of three vibrations. This prompt notification ensures that you are aware of any significant changes in your heart rate, allowing you to take necessary actions and make adjustments to your activities promptly.



The Fitcare HW807 armband heart rate monitor is the go-to choice for fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike. With its high-quality optical design, which allows measurements from both your arm and temple, you can rely on accurate heart rate data whether you’re using Zwift or any other popular fitness apps. The integration of PPG photoelectric heart rate detection technology, along with powerful chips and advanced algorithms, ensures remarkable accuracy in training data. The multi-colour LED provides real-time heart rate zone indications, making it easy for users to optimize their workouts. Furthermore, the safety features, including the vibration alert system, give you peace of mind during your activities. Experience the reliability and efficiency of the Fitcare HW807 armband heart rate monitor, and take your fitness tracking to new heights.


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