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BC108 Professional Training GPS Bike Computer

Fitcare GPS cycling computer BC108 is an excellent option for beginners in wireless bike computers. With its straightforward setup and a wide range of features, this GPS bike computer can significantly enhance your cycling abilities quickly.

BC108 Professional Training GPS Bike Computer

This Fitcare GPS cycling computer features dual satellite positioning systems supporting GPS and Beidou. The 2.3-inch anti-glare screen ensures clear visibility in sunlight, and the backlight automatically activates at night, displaying riding data in large fonts. Additionally, Fitcare wireless bike computer BC108 supports various equipment such as ANT+ heart rate monitors, speed sensors, cadence sensors, power meters, and more.

GPS cycling computer

Automatic Sensing Backlight

The Fitcare GPS cycling computer BC108 automatically adjusts the backlight based on sunset and sunrise, ensuring optimal visibility whether cycling during the day with strong sunlight or at night with low light conditions. Fitcare wireless bike computer ensures the screen image remains clear in all lighting situations. This feature makes the GPS bike computer more intelligent.

Built-in Highly Sensitive GPS Chip

Fitcare GPS cycling computer BC108 utilizes a high-sensitivity GPS chip, supporting GPS and Beidou dual-star systems. This wireless bike computer enables swift and accurate location tracking, providing real-time data on riding speed and the route taken.

Connect A Variety Of Sensor Peripherals
Connect multiple peripheral sensors, heart rate sensors, speed, cadence sensors and power meters through ANT+

Sports Data Storage

The GPS cycling computer stores sports data files in the “FIT” format, boasting an 8-megabyte built-in storage capacity capable of continuously recording 80 hours of sports data. Fitcare GPS bike computer is compatible with multiple platforms, facilitating the effortless viewing and in-depth analysis of detailed sports data.

Easy Installation

The Fitcare GPS cycling computer installation process is straightforward, as depicted in the image. Affix the wireless bike computer to the bike mount and lock it. This GPS bike computer is compatible with various bike mounts, offering a simple and convenient setup.

Basic Parameters
Wireless:ANT+ & Bluetooth
Display:FSTN Screen, 2.4 inch
Lap Count:Yes
Battery:Lithium Battery
Battery capacity:1000mAh
Locate mode: GPS & BDS
Weight: 67g
Storage format: .fit File
Waterproof: IPX7
Size:81x54x20.75 mm
File Transfer: Bluetooth transmission
Compatible program:Designated, compatible
application, CoospoRide




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