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BX100 Boxing Sensor

Fitcare boxing sensor BX100 is an intelligent boxing punch tracker meticulously crafted for boxing training. This cutting-edge punch sensor excels in real-time detection of punch types, punch counts, speed, and other parameters. The training data boxing sensor captures can seamlessly be transmitted to Apps or other designated platforms through Bluetooth, offering a comprehensive and interactive experience for boxing enthusiasts.

BX100 Boxing Sensor

Fitcare boxing sensor BX100 stands as an intelligent innovation tailored for boxing training. This punch sensor’s advanced capabilities include real-time detection of punch types, punch count, speed, and other parameters. The training data collected by boxing punch tracker BX100 can be effortlessly transmitted to Apps or designated platforms through Bluetooth, providing users with valuable insights and enhancing their overall boxing training experience.

boxing punch tracker

Distinguish Right and Left 

The left and right hands are monitored discretely to ensure high-precision and high-quality data acquisition. To initiate training, position the respective boxing sensor atop your wrist, securing it with a boxing bandage. The lightweight design, with a mere 6g per punch sensor, ensures comfort and precision, allowing you to begin training seamlessly.

Data Synchronization

 You can view your boxing data in real time through the APP and view every data record in the past.


The boxing sensor BX100 employs a USB interface and is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. With a single charge, the Fitcare punch sensor offers a usage duration of 25 hours. This boxing sensor is also designed for convenient storage, enhancing portability and ensuring hassle-free usage for your boxing training needs.

IP67 Waterproof Design

Designed to meet the IP67 international waterproof standard, this Fitcare boxing sensor boasts a waterproof construction made from comfortable and durable materials. Unfazed by sweat, Fitcare punch sensor BX100 lets you concentrate entirely on your boxing routine without any concerns about its performance, ensuring a reliable and resilient training experience.

Basic Specification
Sensor Model: BX100
Wireless: ANT+ & BLE
Working temperature: -10°~50°
Waterproof level: IP67
File transfer: BLE(Compatible with specified apps)
Material: ABS+PU
Battery capacity: 40mAh
Length of use: 25 hours
Low battery alarm: Support
Sensor size: 35x25x7.26 mm
Color: Charging box: Black
Left sensor: Black+Red
Right sensor: Black+Yellow


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