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VSM600 Handheld ECG Monitor

VSM600 is a smart handheld ECG monitor. The product collects human waveform (ECG) data by touching the electrode sheet with a finger, provides medical-grade ECG waveforms, and transmits data to mobile apps or other receiving devices via Bluetooth, AI artificial intelligence recognition Diagnosis makes it convenient for users to discover hidden heart health hazards in time, assess the risk of sudden diseases, and follow up the recovery of disease.

VSM600 Handheld ECG Monitor

VSM600 is a smart handheld ECG monitor. It could collect the user’s ECG waveform,intelligently identify cardiac risk,and provide customers with ECG waveform analysis and interpretation, which provides a strong reference for clinical diagnosis.

Hand-held Measurement Simple Operation

No excess buttons, just hold the touch electrode sheet, the ECG monitor will automatically start to measure, and the operation is simple.

App Data Management

The device connects to the mobile phone App via Bluetooth, measures and views the ECG waveform in real time, and obtains professional health report interpretation. The mobile phone and the cloud store the report synchronously for easy reference.

Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery

VSM600 adopts rechargeable lithium battery and low power consumption technology. For daily measuring, the battery could support for 90 days after fully charged.

Model: VSM600
Wireless: BLE
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity: 90mAh
Battery Life: 90 Days after full charge
Color: Black
Size: 88 X 38 X 9mm
Material: ABS
ECG: Support
Waterproof Rating: IP66
Use environment: 0℃~40℃


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