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HW851 Armband Heart Rate Monitor

The Fitcare optical heart rate monitor HW851 is specifically designed as a heart rate monitor for swimming and professional fitness use. It excels in high-intensity interval training, providing accurate heart rate feedback. This arm heart rate sensor precision during strenuous exercise aids users in breaking through their limits and avoiding sports injuries.

HW851 Armband Heart Rate Monitor

The Fitcare HW851, an optical heart rate monitor and arm heart rate sensor designed for professional fitness use, excels in high-intensity interval training. Fitcare HW851 is a perfect heart rate monitor for swimming; with its accuracy during strenuous exercise, this optical heart rate monitor provides effective feedback, aiding users in surpassing limits and preventing sports injuries.

optical heart rate monitor

PerformTek Professional Chip

This heart rate monitor for swimming utilizes the Valencell chip and is equipped with two green and one yellow optical sensor array. This optical heart rate monitor configuration ensures accurate heart rate measurement for users during exercise, enabling them to complete each round of target training with precision successfully.

Intelligent Feedback for Heart Rate

With an LED featuring 5 colours to indicate heart rate zones, users can easily monitor their heart rate by observing the colour changes with a Fitcare optical heart rate monitor. As a safety measure, when the heart rate surpasses the maximum (MHR), the optical heart rate monitor provides a three-time vibration alert. This proactive alert system of the arm heart rate sensor is designed to help users avoid injuries during strenuous training by notifying them of potential risks in real-time.

Solutions for Swimming

Designed with a professional waterproof feature, this heart rate monitor for swimming operates effectively even in water, making it an optimal choice for swimming training. Its waterproof design ensures reliable performance during aquatic activities, enhancing the suitability of the optical heart rate monitor for those engaged in swimming workouts.

HRV Data for Health

The Fitcare HW851 heart rate monitor for swimming could acquire heart rate variability (HRV) data by detecting the interval of the R-R wave of the heart rate parameter.

Built-in Data Storage

The Fitcare arm heart rate sensor is integrated with a robust storage chip, so users can enjoy the exercise without using smartphones or other smart devices.

Vibration Reminder

The user could adjust the suitable heart rate zone by setting the sensor Max HR. It will remind you through vibration that your exercise state is too intense.

Compatible with Multiple Apps
Bluetooth 5.0 and ANT+ compatible, compatible with a variety of third-party  mainstream Apps

Basic Parameters

Model: HW851
Main Function: Heart rate, steps
Wireless: Bluetooth5.0, ANT+
HRV: Support
Storage: Support
Indication: Multiple color LED
Battery: Rechargeable lithium
battery 90 mAh
Battery Life: Continuous use for 16 hours
Dimension: 46.5x37x12.2 mm
Weight: 20 grams
Water Resistance Level: IP67
Operation Temperature: 0~40℃
Material: PC & ABS


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