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HRM828 Rechargeable Heart Rate Monitor

Fitcare HRM828 stands out as a high-performing chest strap heart rate monitor, featuring a rechargeable battery for prolonged use, consistent stability in performance, and an elegantly slim design. Users benefit from the sensor, equipped with a multi-color light system that seamlessly indicates real-time heart rate zones. This heart rate chest strap intuitive feature empowers users to assess and optimize their training intensity effortlessly. It makes the rechargeable heart rate monitor HRM828 a reliable fitness electronic for heart rate monitoring during workouts.

HRM828 Rechargeable Heart Rate Monitor

Fitcare excellent chest strap heart rate monitor, equipped with BLE and ANT+ functionality, represents a cutting-edge solution in fitness technology. The rechargeable heart rate monitor HRM828 extends its usability. At the same time, the device’s versatility allows seamless integration with a wide range of fitness equipment and smartwatches and compatibility with the most popular fitness applications. This advanced heart rate chest strap is a versatile companion, offering users the flexibility to track and optimize their heart rate across various platforms and devices for comprehensive fitness monitoring.

chest strap heart rate monitor

A Wide Range of Exercises

This chest strap heart rate monitor is proved to have a excellent performance in a wide range of exercises including running, cycling, boxing and HIIT etc.

Accuracy Measurement

Distinguished as the premier selection for professional athletes, this cutting-edge chest strap heart rate monitor stands out for its ability to extract heart rate data directly from the ECG waveform. Integrating a robust chip and advanced algorithms within the sensor ensures a sophisticated and powerful performance, providing users with precise and professional heart rate feedback. Tailored to meet the rigorous demands of elite athletes, this heart rate chest strap exemplifies top-tier quality in heart rate measurement. Fitcare rechargeable heart rate monitor HRM828 sets a new standard for accuracy and reliability in performance monitoring.

Magnetic Charging

This sensor features a convenient magnetic charging port to eliminate the need for coin battery replacements. Following a full charge, the Fitcare chest strap heart rate monitor can support 50 hours of continuous training, providing users an extended and reliable usage period.

Heart Rate Zones Setting and Sync
Users could adjust the suitable heart rate zone by setting the sensor Max HR, and synchronize the heart rate zone to the device with one button to suit for different training modes.

HRV Data Acquire

Good recovery after exercise will help your next training. The Fitcare rechargeable heart rate monitor HRM828 could acquire heart rate variability (HRV) data by detecting the interval of the R-R wave of the heart rate parameter.

Compatible with Multiple Apps
Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ compatible, works a with wide range of third party mainstream Apps.

Works with Fitness Equipment

This chest strap heart rate monitor integrates with various fitness equipment, sports watches, and smartphones through BLE and ANT+ transmission technologies, ensuring versatile compatibility for fitness enthusiasts.

Basic Parameters
Model: HRM828
Main Function: Heart Rate Measuring
Wireless: BLE & ANT+
Distance: BLE(25 meters),
ANT+(10 meters)
Dimension: 59.5*27*10.4mm
Color: Black
Display: LED multicolor ligh
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium
Battery 70mAht
Battery Life: Continuous measurement for 50 hours
Waterproof: IP67
Materials: PC+ABS
Storage: Yes



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