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Unleashing Precision Performance

Designed to enhance your cycling experience, our crank power meter seamlessly captures and delivers real-time riding power and cadence data, providing valuable insights into your performance through pedaling. With its precision and reliability, the PW217B is the ultimate tool to optimize your spinning workouts.

Immerse yourself in a cycling experience like never before with our state-of-the-art crank power meter, meticulously crafted to elevate every moment on the saddle. The PW217B power meter effortlessly captures and transmits real-time power and cadence data, unravelling crucial performance insights through the rhythm of your pedaling. Boasting unparalleled precision and unwavering reliability, this cutting-edge device stands as the epitome of cycling optimization, offering a window into the dynamics of your spin sessions like never before.

Real-Time Riding Power and Cadence Data

The Fitcare PW217B crank power meter delivers real-time riding power and cadence data, allowing you to monitor your performance as you pedal. With its advanced sensors, our power meter accurately captures your power output and cadence, providing valuable insights into your cycling efficiency. Whether you’re aiming to increase your power, improve your cadence, or track your progress, the PW217B ensures that you have access to precise and reliable data in real-time.


Tailored for Spinning Bikes – Seamless Compatibility

Our crank power meter is specifically tailored for spinning bikes, ensuring seamless compatibility and optimal performance. The Fitcare PW217B integrates effortlessly with spinning bike setups, allowing you to easily install and calibrate the power meter. Whether you’re using it for personal training or in a spinning class, the PW217B enhances your spinning experience by providing accurate power and cadence measurements. Get the most out of your spinning workouts with the Fitcare PW217B crank power meter.


Valuable Fitness Insights – Performance Optimization

The fitcare heart rate sensor PW217B crank power meter offers valuable fitness insights to help you optimize your cycling performance. By analyzing your power and cadence data, you can identify areas for improvement, set goals, and track your progress over time. The PW217B empowers you to make data-driven decisions to enhance your spinning workouts, increase your power output, and improve your overall cycling efficiency. Take your spinning sessions to the next level with the Fitcare PW217B and unlock your full potential.



The Fitcare PW217B crank power meter is the ultimate tool for spinning enthusiasts. With its real-time riding power and cadence data, seamless compatibility with spinning bikes, and valuable fitness insights, the PW217B enhances your spinning experience and helps you optimize your performance. Maximize your power output, improve your cadence, and track your progress with confidence. Choose the Fitcare PW217B crank power meter and elevate your spinning workouts to new heights.


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