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Elevating Performance in the Ring

We are excited to present the Fitcare HRM828, a high-performing heart rate monitor specifically designed for boxing enthusiasts. With its rechargeable battery, consistent performance stability, and slim design, our HRM828 chest strap heart rate monitor is the perfect companion for boxing workouts. Equipped with a multi-color light system, this intuitive heart rate monitor empowers users to assess and optimize their training intensity effortlessly.

Rechargeable Battery for Prolonged Use

The Fitcare heart rate wrist band features a rechargeable battery, ensuring prolonged use without the need for frequent battery replacements. With its long-lasting battery life, our monitor provides reliable heart rate monitoring during your boxing sessions, allowing you to focus on your training without interruptions. Stay motivated and track your heart rate seamlessly with the HRM828, knowing that your heart rate monitor is powered for extended periods of intense boxing workouts.


Consistent Performance Stability

Fitcare’s HRM828 chest strap heart rate monitor offers consistent performance stability, even during rigorous boxing workouts. The monitor’s advanced sensor technology ensures accurate heart rate readings, providing real-time data to help you optimize your training and track your progress. With the HRM828, you can rely on consistent and precise heart rate feedback, enabling you to push your limits, improve your boxing performance, and achieve your fitness goals.


Intuitive Multi-Color Light System

The HRM828 heart rate monitor is equipped with a multi-color light system that seamlessly indicates real-time heart rate zones. This intuitive feature allows you to assess your training intensity effortlessly. Whether you’re aiming for fat burning, endurance training, or maximizing your performance, the multi-color light system provides instant visual cues, helping you stay within your desired heart rate zone. With the HRM828, you can optimize your boxing workouts and make the most out of every session.



Fitcare’s HRM828 heart rate monitor for boxing enthusiasts. With its rechargeable battery, consistent performance stability, and intuitive multi-color light system, the HRM828 ensures accurate and effortless heart rate monitoring during your boxing workouts. Stay focused, track your progress, and optimize your training intensity with confidence. Elevate your training regimen to new heights with the HRM828 by your side, empowering you to stay focused, set goals, and optimize your workout intensity with unparalleled accuracy and ease. Whether you’re throwing punches, sparring, or working the speed bag, this innovative heart rate monitor becomes your silent coach, guiding you towards peak performance and helping you push past your limits with confidence.


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