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Stay Connected and Active with Fitcare’s Bluetooth Pedometer

As one of heart rate monitor manufacturers, we tailored for spinning bikes, this pedometer with Bluetooth provides users with valuable fitness data about their performance, helping them track their progress and optimize their cycling workouts.  Explore the wealth of features and benefits that our heart rate monitor offers, providing invaluable insights into performance metrics and progress tracking for cyclists. With seamless Bluetooth connectivity, users can effortlessly sync their data to compatible devices or apps, unlocking a treasure trove of information to fine-tune their training regimens and achieve their fitness goals with precision.

Real-Time Riding Power and Cadence Data

The Fitcare PW217B pedometer with Bluetooth delivers real-time riding power and cadence data while you engage in cycling activities. By accurately measuring your riding power and cadence, our pedometer provides valuable insights into your cycling performance. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or a spinning enthusiast, the PW217B enables you to monitor your power output and cadence, allowing you to optimize your training and achieve your fitness goals.


Seamless Integration with Spinning Bikes

Tailored specifically for spinning bikes, the PW217B crank power meter seamlessly integrates with your spinning bike’s crankset. With its precise sensors, our pedometer captures your pedaling motion and translates it into accurate power and cadence measurements. The seamless integration ensures that you can easily install and use the PW217B with your spinning bike, enhancing your cycling experience and providing you with in-depth performance data.


Bluetooth Connectivity for Enhanced Data Analysis

The PW217B pedometer with Bluetooth offers enhanced data analysis capabilities. By connecting the pedometer to your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices, you can transfer your riding power and cadence data for further analysis. This Bluetooth connectivity enables you to track your progress over time, set goals, and gain insights into your cycling performance. With the PW217B, you can take your spinning workouts to the next level and make data-driven training decisions.



Fitcare’s PW217B pedometer with Bluetooth is the ultimate tool for spinning bike enthusiasts. With its real-time riding power and cadence data, seamless integration with spinning bikes, and Bluetooth connectivity for enhanced data analysis, the PW217B empowers you to optimize your cycling workouts and track your progress with precision. Elevate your spinning experience, set new goals, and achieve your fitness milestones with confidence.


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