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PW217B Crank Power Meter

Fitcare crank power meter PW217B is a cycling power sensor for spinning bikes. While cycling, the crank power meter can deliver real-time riding power and cadence data through the pedalling motion.

PW217B Crank Power Meter

Tailored specifically for spinning bikes, the Fitcare crank power meter PW217B is an advanced spinning bike power meter. While engaged in cycling activities, this cycling power sensor seamlessly captures and delivers real-time riding power and cadence data, offering users valuable fitness data about their performance through pedalling.

spinning bike power meter

High Accurancy

Employing a high-precision strain sensor and incorporating Fitcare’s proprietary algorithm, the Fitcare crank power meter ensures accuracy in acquiring and outputting raw data. This spinning bike power meter capability remains consistent even during various resistance training scenarios, highlighting its reliability in diverse workout conditions.

Power Sensor Compatibility

Utilizing the standard cycling power protocol, this crank power meter features dual-mode transmission via Bluetooth and ANT. The cycling power sensor boasts compatibility with a diverse range of terminals and applications, including popular platforms like ZWIFT, BKOOL, ROUVY, Wahoo Fitness, THINKRIDER, and more, providing users with flexibility and options for their preferred training environments.

Crank Compatibility

With a square crank interface, this crank power meter ensures compatibility with most mainstream spinning bikes. Fitcare offers a comprehensive one-stop service for the spinning bike power meter, allowing customization to meet specific requirements and ensuring a tailored solution for your preferences and needs for the crank power meter.

Other available crank connector type

Basic Parameters
Model: PW217B
Wireless: ANT+ & BLE
Operating environment: temperature-15℃ ~ 45℃
Water protection: IP67
Battery: CR2032 button battery
Battery Life: 120 hours
Colour: Black
Material: ABS
Size: 58.4x29x8.74mm
Maximum power: 2000W
Power accuracy: ±5%


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