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BK468 Magnet-Less Bike Speed Cadence Sensor

bk468 is a cycling sensor that Support Bluetooth 5.0 protocol and ANT+ protocol cycling APP, cycling platform software, cycling computer, sports watch and other devices to connect

BK468 Magnet-Less Bike Speed Cadence Sensor

This is a Bluetooth smart cycling sensor, it can detect cycling cadence and speed data, and work with smart phone to check all the cycling data including, cadence, speed distance, and route.

Determine and Improve Your Cadence

To avoid leg fatigue and making the most out of those slow-twitch muscles, the ride can aim at some RPMs. For advanced and elite cyclists, they pedal somewhere from 80 to 100 RPMs.


The cadence sensor can connect with a smart phone app(such as Wahoo Fitness, Zwift…), cycle computer and fitness equipment by Bluetooth or ANT+, to check your training data in real time, very convenient to use.

Long Battery Life

Built-in CR2032 replaceable button battery, sustainable working time of about 300 hours, if 1 hours of riding a day can be used continuously for 300 days.

Lightweight Design

The product adopts a lightweight design concept and weighs only 8g, allowing you to ignore its existence during sports, reducing your riding burden, and making it easy to carry.


No magnet or other exposed parts, simply attach the sensors and ride. Easy to install, maintain, and move between bikes.

Basic Parameters
Model: BK468
Wireless: ANT+ & BLE 5.0
Model: ANT+: 15m / BLE: 25m
Operating Environment: 0℃ ~ 40℃
Waterproof Rating: IP67
Material: ABS
Product Weight: 8g
Product Size: 35.6×30.5×8.7mm
Color: Black
Battery: CR2032 Button Battery
Battery Life: 12 Months
Speed Mode: 300h
Cadence Mode: 300h
Compatible Device: IOS 9.0 or Above
Android 4.4 or Above


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