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HRM103 5.3KHz Heart Rate Monitor

HRM103 is 5.3KHz heart rate monitor which can transmit heart rate data to your heart rate receiving device in real time, the chest strap is made of soft fabric

HRM103 5.3KHz Heart Rate Monitor

This is a heart rate chest strap, which is used to monitor heart rate and obtain heart rate data through the electrodes on the chest strap. This product communicates with the receiving end through 5.3KHz, which can transmit heart rate data to your heart rate receiving device in real time

Comprehensive Upgrade of Algorithm
Comprehensively upgrade and optimize the heart rate analysis algorithm, and pass a large number of tests, including Running, Cycling, Boxing, High-intensity training, etc., to ensure the accuracy of the algorithm.

Accuracy Measurement
Top quality heart rate measurement choice for pro athletes, this heart rate monitor could extracts heart rate data from the ECG waveform directly. The sensor integrates a powerful chip and advanced algorithms to provide users with professional heart rate feedback.

Compatible with Multiple Devices
The device adopts 5.3KHz transmission mode, compatible with a variety of wristbands, watches, treadmills, Polar FT7, Garmin and other devices, and can monitor and manage your heart rate data in real time

Skin-Friendly material 
The chest strap is made of soft fabric, and the adjustable design makes it more comfortable to wear. It will not shift even during high-intensity training. The high-elastic fabric ensures the ductility during exercise.

Basic Parameters
Model number:HRM103
Main Function:Heart Rate Monitoring
Data Transmission:5.3KHz
Transmission Distance:90 cm
Sound Alert:No
Battery Life:700 Hours
Protection Level:IPX7
Chest Strap Length:68~103 cm
Chest Strap Color:Various Colors are available
Host Size:300x35x12.2mm
Host Color:Black





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